Many of my activities are described in my publications and are linked with past/ongoing research projects. In my course of research I’ve been avoiding low-quality venues and predatory journals (at least, I tried to do so most of the time) and I’m not really keen on massive scientific production. For my main works I targeted reputable and highly selective journals, including several IEEE and ACM transactions and other high-rank journals, as well as recognized conferences and international events such as DATE, FPL, ITC, etc..
Sadly enough, my research areas are a sort of niche “market” in computer science. So, if you’re a fan of bibliometrics, don’t expect astronomic numbers in my Scholar profile (indeed, if you really are a fan of bibliometrics, you’re probably not that kind of person who likes reading through actual contents in a research paper.. then, sorry, we’re definitely not on the same page). Also, I distrust suspiciously long author lists in scientific papers –a bibliometric free lunch– and I’m proudly the single author for a number of my works (and main author of most of the remaining). Sarcastically, I might say that yes, I’m proudly the author of my papers.